Holistic Pet Treatments in San Clemente, CA

At Camino Veterinary Hospital, we care for pets with a mixture of high-end modern technology and classic, holistic pet treatment in San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, and Orange County, CA. This mixed approach allows our veterinary cardiologists to treat every pet in the best possible way—whether it’s delivering pain relief through acupuncture or assessing a heart condition through an echocardiograph.

  • Acupuncture

    Pets with joint issues, chronic pain and mobility troubles need a little extra help to get around. Prescription medications are expensive and can have side effects, making it difficult for owners to keep up with them. At Camino Veterinary Hospital, we advocate for a more holistic approach to treating medical conditions like arthritis, pain management, spinal pain, heart failure, coughing and sneezing. Through pet acupuncture and other holistic pet treatments, we’re able to deliver a level of relief that helps your pets live well without being tied to expensive medications for the rest of their lives. Let us show you the power of acupuncture as a holistic answer to many common issues.

  • Echocardiographs

    Heart problems can affect pets of all types, at any age. If you suspect your pet has an underlying issue that may be related to their heart, schedule an appointment with a veterinary cardiologist in San Clemente, CA. We have high-tech equipment to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s heart health. Our ultrasounds look at the heart and give us a clear picture of its condition, to determine heart problems. Then, we explore the best mode of veterinary pain treatment to ensure your pet gets proper care. Our goal is to help them lead a long and happy life in spite of any conditions they may be dealing with.

Veterinary Pain TreatmentKeeping Your Pet Healthy

Whatever it takes to keep your pet happy and healthy, count on Camino Veterinary Hospital to deliver it. We’ll explore every option for veterinary pain treatment and customize our approach to your pet. To see our holistic pet treatments and other veterinary services firsthand, schedule an appointment with our veterinary cardiologists or pet surgeons and contact us at 949-661-1255.

If we are unable to properly care for your pet for any reason or they must undergo a procedure that requires specialized knowledge and experience, Dr. Habekost may refer you to a specialist veterinarian.