Veterinarian Surgery & Dentistry in San Clemente

Sometimes a visit to the vet is more invasive than just a checkup or immunizations. If your pet need surgery or services performed by a veterinary dentist in San Clemente, Camino Veterinary Hospital is the only call you’ll have to make. We have an experienced surgical team on staff and expertise in delivering dental procedures.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and relying on years of professional experience, we’ll see your pet through complex procedures that help them live a long, happy, healthy life.

  • Surgery

    Throughout your pet’s life, they’re likely to require different surgeries. When those times come, we have specialized surgeons that work with a number of different pets and animals for a variety of surgical procedures. Whether your pup is getting spayed or your bird needs a wing surgically repaired, rest assured we’ve got a pet surgeon in San Clemente, CA on staff who can help.

  • Dental Service

    Oral health is something every pet needs help with. They just can’t brush like you or I can! We have a highly-rated veterinary dentist in San Clemente, CA on-staff to provide a complete range of dental procedures. We offer teeth cleaning, probing and scaling, as well as full mouth exams, polishing and periodontal disease treatment.

  • Spays and Neuters

    Unless you’re a breeder, it’s best to spay or neuter your pet when they reach appropriate maturity. Our spay and neuter services are now better than ever! With new state-of-the-art technology, we ensure the process is quick and efficient, and that our patients heal correctly and rapidly. We make sure your pet is back to themselves in no time.

Veterinary Surgery & Dentistry in San Clemente, CA - dog dental surgeryWe’ll Take Care of Your Pet

Need to schedule surgery or dental work for your pet? Contact Camino Veterinary Hospital today at 949-661-1255. We’ll make sure all your questions are answered and your pet is in good hands.

If we are unable to properly care for your pet for any reason or they must undergo a procedure that requires specialized knowledge and experience, Dr. Habekost may refer you to a specialist veterinarian.